Led by the Curious

Curio Bioscience is advancing a new generation of high-precision tools for the life sciences industry.

We are a group of seasoned biotech and innovative entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists with a proven track record of advancing the field of genomics from innovation to commercial success.

Our leadership team

Chief Commercial Officer

Vice President of Operations

Senior Director of Applications

Senior Director of Process Engineering

Director of Business Development

Director of Sales, North America

Academic Co-founders


Co-founder & CEO

Steve is a prolific entrepreneur with a history of contributing new science and products to the research and clinical markets. His work and inventions led to the development of the microarray technology and the founding of Affymetrix (acquired by ThermoFisher), co-founding of Perlegen Sciences (HapMap Human Genome), and development of  molecular indexing and the founding of Cellular Research (acquired by Becton Dickinson).  Steve is currently a Trustee of the Carnegie Institution of Science, board member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, council member of the National Human Genome Research Institute, and member of the National Academy of Engineering.  He has a courtesy faculty appointment at Stanford University.  Steve received his PhD from Princeton University.


Co-founder & COO

Ari is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned business executive.  He provides expertise in operations, finance, and business development to the team.  Previously, he was a Division President and General Manager at General Electric, as well as CEO and Chairman for different mid-market companies before co-founding Cellular Research.

He led the operations, finances, and business activities of Cellular Research from concept, development, and acquisition by Becton Dickinson. He served as the Executive Director for Life Sciences Commercialization at Stanford University.  Ari received his MBA from the University of Chicago.


Co-founder & CTO

Christina is a pioneer in single-cell and molecular counting technologies.  Previously at Cellular Research, she invented a high throughput single-cell transcriptome analysis technique that led to the company’s acquisition by Becton Dickinson. She subsequently led the technical team to help bring the single-cell technology to market. As a graduate student at Stanford, she co-invented methods to measure fetal aneuploidy from maternal blood that was later licensed to Verinata/Illumina. Her work directly led to the non-invasive prenatal (NIPT) field we know today.  Christina received her PhD from Stanford University, is a recipient of MIT’s top 35 inventors under 35, and two-time recipient of Forbes Magazine 30 under 30.

Neil Kennedy

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Neil is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience in the life science industry with companies including Applied Biosystems, Affymetrix, and Millipore.   He has a proven track record developing and executing commercial strategies for the discovery, translational and clinical research markets.  Most recently, Neil was CCO for Rebus Biosystems.  Prior to that, Neil held executive leadership positions at Dovetail Genomics, Biodesy, and DVS Sciences.

Robert Stone

Vice President of Operations

Robert is a seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience in executive, general management, sales, marketing, and engineering leadership roles. He has a proven track record of leading change and continuous improvement through all areas of several international businesses and has successfully led several new business initiatives. Most recently he was SVP and President of multiple divisions at Franklin Electric Co., Inc. Robert earned his MBA from the University of Chicago.

Christina Chang

Senior Director of Applications

Christina joined Curio in 2021 as Director of Applications. She has extensive experience in assay and application development in the field of single-cell multi-omics. Her work at Becton Dickinson yielded numerous inventions and the commercial launch of multiple single-cell genomics research products. More recently, she served as the Head of Applications for Deepcell and its AI-driven single-cell analysis platform. Christina received her PhD in Immunology from University of California, San Diego.

Anaram Shahravan

Senior Director of Process Engineering

Anaram’s engineering expertise includes design, analysis, and the ability to develop products capable of commercial success.  In her previous job at Becton Dickinson, she developed microparticles for a single-cell genomics platform. In addition, she successfully converted manufacturing of products from R&D scale to the commercial manufacturing scale. She has previously managed a team of staff and senior engineers and was part of the single-cell multi-omics platform team reporting to the executive leadership team. She has experience building and forming technical transfer teams leading the QC, reagent and process transfer to operations. Before joining industry, she did her PhD on experimental nanoengineering and additional studies as a postdoc on computational fluidics.

Bertrand Yeung

Director of Business Development

Bertrand is a seasoned scientist with a passion for cutting-edge technologies. Having spent much of his post-graduate career in business development at large and various small startup biotech companies, he brings unique science-focused perspectives on business operations, business development, manufacturing and sales.

Most recently at BioLegend, he was key in in-licensing the CITE-seq technology from the New York Genome Center and was critical for building out the resulting TotalSeq team and product line. Bertrand received his BS from Harvard University and his PhD from the University of Oklahoma.

Jane Clarke

Director of Sales

Jane Clarke currently serves as the Director of Sales for North America. She joined in 2022 to lead the growing team in sales, commercial strategy, and customer success. Jane has worked in both large companies and small startups, bringing her expertise to sales and management roles. She previously held leadership positions at Rebus Biosystems and ATCC (the American Type Culture Collection). Her undergraduate degree is from Mount Holyoke and her graduate degree (MS) is from Tufts University.

Evan Macosko

Academic Co-founder

Evan is an associate professor of psychiatry and neurobiology at Harvard medical school.  His lab at the Broad Institute focuses on the development of highly sensitive genomics technologies to measure brain cells and understand they are altered in neurological and psychiatric diseases.   Prior inventions include Drop-seq for high throughput single cell analysis, and Slide-seq.

Fei Chen

Academic Co-founder

Dr. Fei Chen is a Core Faculty member at the Broad Institute, and assistant professor at Harvard Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology. Dr. Chen’s laboratory is developing novel experimental and computational technologies at the intersection of microscopy, genomics, and synthetic biology.  His group is applying these tools to learn organizational principles governing tissue development, and cellular mechanisms of disorganization during injury and disease.

During his doctoral research, Chen co-invented expansion microscopy, a breakthrough technique that allows for super-resolution imaging of biological samples with conventional light microscopes. As an independent Fellow at the Broad, his lab continued to pioneer novel tools at the intersection of genomics and microscopy to uniquely illuminate biological pathways and function, including Slide-seq.

He obtained his Ph.D. in biological engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Ed Boyden.

Sam Rodriques

Academic Co-founder

Sam is an entrepreneur, technologist, and inventor in the biotechnology space. He has invented new technologies ranging from 3D nanofabrication techniques to new ways to extract spatial and temporal information from RNA sequencing. He founded the Applied Biotechnology Laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute in London in January 2021. He previously founded multiple medical device companies, including most recently as an entrepreneur in residence at Petri, a biotech accelerator in Boston, Massachusetts. He obtained his PhD in Physics from MIT in the spring of 2019, and his B.Sc. in Physics summa cum laude with highest honors in Physics from Haverford College in 2013.