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Curio Seeker Pilot Project Mini-Grant Program

We are pleased to announce the giveaway of a Pilot Project Mini-Grant Program for attendees of the Houston Area Curio Seeker Webinar hosted by the Baylor Genomic and RNA Profiling Core. The goal of this program is to support innovative research studies focusing on unbiased, whole-transcriptome spatial transcriptomics at single cell resolution.

The Curio Seeker Kit offers fast, affordable and flexible single-cell, whole-transcriptome spatial profiling on fresh frozen samples for any organism, fitting seamlessly into your existing sequencing workflow. The Curio Seeker technology is an improvement of Slide-seqV2 from the Broad Institute at MIT and produces continuous high-resolution gene expression maps at 10µm resolution. 

Submit an abstract (maximum of 300 words) proposing a project that uses the Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping gene expression solution. This solution provides an unbiased, whole transcriptome approach to layering gene expression data onto tissue morphology validated on fresh-frozen tissue samples. Please specify the question you are hoping to answer, how this technology will help you, the sample types used, the number of tissue sections (max 2) being studied, and how the results will inform your future studies. A Curio Bioscience/GARP/HTAP committee will review and select the winner based on research creativity, scientific impact, and innovation.

One selected winner will be chosen to receive 2 Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Tiles and associated Reagents. The Genomic and RNA Profiling Core (GARP Core) will process and sequence the selected winner’s tissue samples and 2 datasets run through the Curio Seeker Primary Analysis Pipeline Software at no additional cost. The Human Tissue and Pathology Core will provide tissue sectioning, staining and imaging at no cost.

Eligible participants must reside within the Greater Houston Area.