Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Kits are featured as one of the top technologies in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards for 2023

Source: The Analytical Scientist

Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Kits are the world’s first high-resolution, whole transcriptome spatial mapping solution. They lower the barrier of entry to complex spatial transcriptomic analysis of fresh frozen tissues by plugging directly into existing sequencing workflows; and they require no specialized personnel, instrumentation, or expertise with microscopy. The Curio Seeker Kit generates up to one million continuous whole transcriptomes from any species or tissues at single-cell scale resolution, without modifications to the standard protocol, or optimization of the tissue samples. 

Potential impact

Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Kits aim to take discovery beyond what is possible with current single-cell sequencing methods and have applications in both basic and applied research – from developmental biology to viral immunology. The technology enables an understanding of the complex cellular environments of biological systems during development, normal function, disease/injury, and treatment. For example, recognizing the presence of specific immune cell types and their locations relative to tumor tissue has led to understanding the mechanism of immune escape in cancer recurrence and metastasis. 

What the judges say…

“This powerful new tool simplifies detailed mapping of tissues at the single cell level.”

“A new step in spatial biology.”

“An interesting development that could be the first high-resolution, whole transcriptome spatial mapping solution on the market for tissue and cell analyses.” 

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