Curio Bioscience is the latest addition to GEN’s Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies of 2023 

By Alex Philippidis – Senior Business Editor, GEN

No sooner had spatial biology made its way into the mainstream of genomic science than GEN figured out the key players in the emerging field, then ranked them for its first A-List of “Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies“, published in 2021.

Curio Bioscience

Curio Bioscience has launched a pair of new products this year. In September it expanded its Curio Seeker product line with a larger format to deliver a more complete view of larger biological structures, including human tissue samples. The new Curio Seeker 10×10 spatial mapping kit provides 100x more data compared to other whole transcriptome spatial analysis solutions, according to the company. Soon after emerging from stealth in February, Curio launched Curio Seeker based on “slide-seq” spatial technology developed at the Broad Institute, offering high resolution due to its minute (10 microns) barcoded beads and limited diffusion. “Well over” 100 customers use the technology, Curio says.

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