Spatial genomics approaches for systematic studies of brain function and dysfunction

The brain is composed of a dizzying array of cell types whose identities and functions are mostly unknown. We have developed tools in spatial transcriptomics to systematically define these cell types and their spatial locations in the brain. More recently, we developed Slide-tags, a methodology that is scalable and suitable for postmortem specimens, paving the way for systematic cytoarchitectural phenotyping of human brains. 

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Featured Speaker

Evan Macosko, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

Broad Institute Member

Evan Macosko is an institute member at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where he directs a lab in the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. He is also an associate professor of psychiatry and neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and attending psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He serves as the Co-PI for the BICAN Brain Cell Variation grant. His lab develops new genomics technologies and deploys them to understand pathogenic mechanisms of brain diseases.