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We are advancing a new generation of high-precision tools for the life sciences industry. Our technological innovations are the most advanced spatial omics solutions for discovery research and designed for broad accessibility. Plugging directly into existing sequencing workflows, Curio’s spatial mapping technologies are easy to implement and do not require investment in new capital equipment.

Curio Seeker

Spatial Transcriptome Mapping Kit

Based on Slide-seq technology, the Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping product line is the only high-resolution, whole transcriptome, spatial mapping solution for unbiased discovery in fresh frozen tissues. Curio Seeker provides a dense, continuous spatial map of RNA expression from any eukaryotic organism. 

Curio Trekker

Single-Cell Spatial Mapping Kit

Based on Slide-tag technology, the Curio Trekker Single-Cell Spatial Mapping Kit offers a new paradigm in single-cell analysis. Curio Trekker delivers true, single-cell spatial mapping without the need for deconvolution or cell segmentation by arranging standard, single-cell genomics data into spatial orientation.

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