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About Curio Bioscience

At Curio, we are advancing a new generation of high-precision tools for the life sciences industry. Our first product is the only continuous high-resolution spatial whole-transcriptome solution that enables unbiased gene expression mapping from fresh frozen tissues using existing DNA sequencing infrastructure.

The Curio technology powers novel insights across oncology, developmental biology, neuroscience, and more. Curio Bioscience is led by veterans of the life science industry with a proven track record of bringing disruptive discovery technologies to market.

Until now, researchers considering spatial genomics tools have had to choose between unbiased methods that provide high transcriptomic coverage at the cost of resolution or targeted methods that provide high-resolution data across only a subset of targets.


Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and
Institute Member at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Academic Co-Founder, Curio Bioscience

Introducing Curio Seeker

The first high-resolution, whole-transcriptome, spatial mapping kit

Curio Seeker enables whole-transcriptome, spatial mapping of fresh frozen tissue at industry-leading resolution and plugs directly into existing sequencing workflows.

The Curio Seeker Tile preserves spatial information by capturing RNA on a monolayer of tightly packed, 10 μm beads.

The Power of Curio Seeker

See the forest
and the trees.

Create finely detailed whole-transcriptome spatial gene expression maps at single-cell resolution.

Minimize gaps.
Maximize insights.

Get the most out of your tissue section with a tightly packed monolayer of 10 μm spatially-indexed beads. Curio Seeker data produces continuous, high-resolution gene expression maps.

No specialized

Utilizing only standard molecular biology tools and plugging into existing sequencing workflows, Curio Seeker takes only 8 hours from tissue sectioning to sequencing.


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