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Straightforward high-resolution spatial biology

Introducing Curio Seeker

The first high resolution, whole-transcriptome, spatial mapping kit

Curio Seeker enables whole-transcriptome, spatial mapping of fresh frozen tissue at industry-leading resolution and plugs directly into existing sequencing workflows.

The Curio Seeker Tile preserves spatial information by capturing RNA on a monolayer of tightly packed, 10 μm beads.

Once captured, the RNA undergoes reverse transcription, library preparation, and sequencing. The resulting data can be reconstructed into a continuous, whole-transcriptome map of your region of interest.

The Power of Curio Seeker

See the forest
and the trees.

Create finely detailed whole-transcriptome spatial gene expression maps at 1-2 cell resolution.

Minimize gaps.
Maximize insights.

Get the most out of your tissue section with a tightly packed monolayer of 10 μm spatially indexed beads. As a result, Curio Seeker data produces continuous, high-resolution gene expression maps.

No specialized

Utilizing only standard molecular biology tools and plugging into existing sequencing workflows, Curio Seeker takes only 8 hours from tissue sectioning to sequencing.

Simple Workflow

About Curio

We are a team of scientists passionate about genomics and fueling new waves of discovery. Our group consists of reputable inventors in both academia and industry, as well as seasoned biotech entrepreneurs and executives with a strong track record of bringing genomic technologies to market.

Foundational Publications

Proven Technology

Slide-seq: A scalable technology for measuring genome-wide expression at high spatial resolution

Slide-seq v1

Highly sensitive spatial transcriptomics at near-cellular resolution with Slide-seqV2

Slide-seq v2

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